About the Keltia4 site

This is a personal site written and maintained by the author Kevin Lee. It will contain more posts, articles and updates in the future.

This site was created to overcome the drawbacks of other tools such as Twitter, Facebook etc. I actually enjoy writing which I find a therapeutic exercise even if it is writing technical documentation. One question you may have is why is there a shortage of personal information on this page ? Well the Internet and the Web can be great information tools when used properly. However, you can never be too sure who reads the information you make available so I have deliberately kept it to the bare minimum.

Other questions you might have are why the name Keltia4? and what happened to Keltia1-3 ?

Well the answer to that is that a number of years ago I used to maintain a personal website using a more snappy name only to find that several other people were doing the same thing and using similar names for their pages which caused a lot of misunderstanding. This was in the days when fans of “Lord of the Rings” , “Star Trek” , “Star Wars” (pah I hate that franchise), Quentin Tarrentino movies etc seemed to dominate the web and named their websites accordingly.

I did think of calling it “a tall, dark haired, blue eyed guy’s website” but that was too vague even if the description is accurate. Then one evening as I was killing some time updating the site using a text editor to write the pages in HTML script I had an album by Breton musician Alan Stivell playing in the background. Those were the days when designing web pages was 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I noticed that he was using the words Keltia 3 in one of his credits. So I thought Keltia4 would fit the bill as a name. First its’ distinctive. Secondly, I do have some Irish ancestry which justifies the Celtic part (although I am definitely not a “plastic paddy”). Finally its a tribute to Alan Stivell.

The name’s stuck with me ever since and I use it for other purposes.

So there it is a brief and probably not very interesting explanation.